Past Exhibition

Gloss. Angela Goh & Bree Richards

Hātarei 28 Mei -
Hātarei 31 Tīhema

Saturday 28 May -
Saturday 31 December


A black and white photograph of an arm reaching downwards, the two first fingers cross over one another

Angela Goh, Gloss, Gloss material #1, 2022

For this iteration of Gloss hosted by Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Angela Goh and Bree Richards spiral through a month-long email correspondence. In a conversation as vast as it is knotty, they reflect on archiving, archaeology, the blood moon, memory, forgery, gesture, doubles, history, signs, symbols and more, both honing inwards and expanding outwards.

Gloss is a speculative conservation project related to Sky Blue Mythic, a dance work by Angela Goh, first staged in 2020. Taking form as a growing accumulation of scores, annotations, chronicles, maps, inventories, demo videos, and correspondences, Gloss is an attempt to transcribe that which can not be translated and as such needs to be forged. It borrows techniques and strategies from archiving and conservation, and repositions them as methods for keeping an artwork alive and growing—as multiple things, rather than as just one thing, fixed in time. Gloss, as in glossary, not in order to define something, but to keep searching for what it might be.

Gloss has been developed with support from Shedhalle Zurich. Special thanks to Dancehouse Melbourne.
Angela Goh

Angela Goh is an artist who works with dance and choreography. Her work is presented in contemporary art contexts and traditional performance spaces. Most recently Goh’s work has been performed at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Sydney Opera House, and a range of venues in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, including Performance Space New York, Shedhalle Zurich, Baltic Circle, Auto Italia, and Arnolfini UK. She was awarded the Keir Choreographic Award in 2020, the Create NSW Performing Arts Fellowship in 2019-20, and the inaugural Sydney Dance Company Fellowship in 2020-21. Angela Goh lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Bree Richards

Bree Richards is an independent curator and writer. Recent projects include: Diana Baker Smith: Tasks yet to be composed for the occasion, 2021, Artspace; When we cannot touch, art is the object that passes between us, a mail-art initiative, 2020-21; and Philipp Gehmacher: My shapes, your words, their grey, Griffith University Art Museum, 2017. Bree has undertaken curatorial residencies at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and at Centre Pompidou, contributing to Move, a festival of dance, performance and film. She was Nick Waterlow OAM Curatorial Fellow for the 20th Biennale of Sydney, working on artist projects, publications and performances across the exhibition. Prior to that, Bree was Associate Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, organising projects such as Trace, 2014, Everyday Magic, 2013; and Embodied Acts, 2012.