Current Openings:

Voluntary Opportunities

Gallery Volunteers

Blue Oyster volunteers help with a huge range of operational work that would not otherwise be possible without their support. Volunteers not only gain valuable experience, but also the appreciation and support of the Staff, Trustees and the wider Blue Oyster community of artists, funders and audience. Volunteers are offered references and letters of support, as well as professional advice in their own artistic endeavours. 


We are available to take on students looking to complete work-placements at all times of the year for any length of time. We offer a comprehensive pre-prepared programme of for work-placement students that can be adjusted to suit the student’s specific interests and education. Email us to enquire.



Although internships are not a recurrent part of our operations, we welcome anyone interested in completing self-directed projects in arts administration, curatorship, research and exhibition making. Email us if you are interested in undertaking an internship, include your CV, project proposal and suggested timeframe and dates.

Come in and see us if you would like to start volunteering.