Past Exhibition

Exchange. Uniform

Hātarei 7 -
Hātarei 28

Saturday 7 -
Saturday 28


The word uniform in front of creased holographic fabric

Image: Uniform, Exchange, 2016.

We operate distinctly. North and South. The cities of Auckland and Dunedin. One sub-tropical, lush, loud, and neon. One gothic, gentle, and cool. Yet our punk whakapapa is transitory in nature.

We have romanticised these states of difference and they have in turn become descriptors that make us cringe “dunedin sound” vs “auckland punk”. It is in shared experience that we have built our community.

What exists of this Exchange? The memories of the temporary architectural space  of galleries, venues, record labels, publishing workshops, practice spaces, and share housing? The exchange of ideas between Auckland and Dunedin is of  historical and cultural significance to Aotearoa's D.I.Y experimental sound community. For the past thirty years there has been a conversation through writing, music, and film between the physical sites in each city.

For Exchange, Uniform present pieces of this memory and activate community building through and exhibitions at Blue Oyster and Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Contemporary Gallery a series of !No Venues! events. This series is a form of action Uniform have developed as a way of breaking down the barriers they encountered between our practice and the dominance of institutional and commercial "venues". This approach is a shifting of focus from being told what we can do by place to doing what we want to where we want. For the women of Uniform this is an essential ethos of the Dunedin – Auckland bridge. Exchange is Uniform’s tangible sharing of ideas and memory.

Uniform is sound, art, film, and writing by underground women, for everyone.

Opening Event: Saturday 7 May, 5pm
!No Venues! Closing Event: Saturday 28 May, 2pm



!No Venues!

Events happening in Dunedin during May:

!No Venues! Video
Saturday 7 May, 9pm (after Blue Oyster)
Embedded Figures, Ducklingmonster, Cutss, Negative Nancys
None Gallery, 24 Stafford Street, Dunedin

!No Venues! Radio
Tuesday 24 May , 7 – 9pm
Uniform mobile disco on Synthesize Me
Radio One 91FM

!No Venues! Recording
Friday 27 May, 8pm
The Futurians, Sleaze, Uniform Mobile Disco
2 Jutland St (Corner Devon St)

!No Venues! Ōtepoti
Saturday 28 May, 2pm
Rise of the City Cat Cult, Gate, Centre Negative, DJ Kiran Dass & DJ Grans Remedy, Murder Bike
Blue Oyster, 16 Dowling Street, Dunedin

!No Venues! Local
Saturday 28 May, 9pm
Coolies, Big Rose
The Crown Hotel, 179 Rattray Street, Dunedin


Uniform is sound, art, film, and writing by underground women, for everyone.