Past Exhibition

Suspicious Minds. Zoe Crook & Aodhan Madden

Mane 9 -
Hātarei 21

Monday 9 -
Saturday 21


Person reading a book in a red phone booth

Image: Zoe Crook and Aodhan Madden, Suspicious Minds, 2015

Blue Oyster Performance Series
In association with the Dunedin Fringe Festival


sorry no statement


bullet point press release

   so at least two come together

work the words into the ground

   a growing clash

wash the brain

   in a war of invisible grime

withdraw from utopia

   ongoing, immaterial

we’re in a bloody mess

   invisible chains chaining


   teach the angels not to stare

free-agent catalysis or

   for there’s no outside of violence

a medieval hospitality

   and the circle becomes

us, provincial mercenaries

   vicious when it's broken

suspicious with each stride

   cut it out, let it bleed

of the body inside out


don’t trust the salesmen



   We are talking through a previous event

there will be a joust

   we don’t know what to expect

the catch is to never connect

   in this ongoing space, in-between

the world second-hand

   in a tight space

oh, partner, oh grabbing heart

   And this is all we can offer

how could I do it alone?

   to the serious captives

do we consent to our entrapment?

   that counsel our world into shape

(these are also things we fear)


Zoe Crook
Aodhan Madden