Past Exhibition

in the abstract. Natalie Kittow

Tūrei 1 Māehe -
Hātarei 2 Āperira

Tuesday 1 March -
Saturday 2 April


Legs wrapped with stiff yellow material walking in empty room

Image: Natalie Kittow, in the abstract, 2016.

Christchurch based emerging artist Natalie Kittow presents a new video work developed for Blue Oyster featuring selected sites around Dunedin including the gallery itself.

in the abstract captures garment, performer and site through moving image, continuing Kittow's ongoing exploration of the complex relationships between the object, the body and the landscape. As a video, in the abstract considers the multiple layers of artificiality evident in both garment and site to demonstrate how both political and art historical understandings of the object are entirely related.

Showing alongside Jim Allen's News

Natalie Kittow