Past Exhibition

Stone Cold Cuts. Daphne Simons

Hātarei 26 Noema -
Hātarei 17 Tīhema

Saturday 26 November -
Saturday 17 December


Partially dismantled desk fan containing sliced cucumber

Image: Daphne Simons, Desk Fan, 2016.

Judging by the mess, whoever has broken in seems to have spent quite a while in here searching for something. The culprits were long gone and so were his most important tools; the scissors, electric clippers, razor blades, everything sharp basically. I felt sorry for the guy, what was he going to do now? I made a half-hearted attempt to console him. “You’ll be alright, just improvise with what’s left”.

Seeking to problematise familiar objects and processes, Stone Cold Cuts is an exhibition that delves into the basic functions performed within barbershops/hair salons. By removing the most integral pieces of equipment from this setting, new types of devices and scenarios are conspired. The resulting sculptural experiments that feature in Stone Cold Cuts vary in purpose, shape, material, and ease of use, designed to be demonstrated by gallery staff throughout the exhibition.

To make this exhibition possible, Daphne Simons has received additional support from the Jan Warburton Trust.

Stone Cold Cuts Demonstration with Daphne 
Saturday 26 November, 2-3pm.

Daphne Simons

Based in Auckland, Daphne Simons holds a BFA (2013) from Whitecliffe College. Recent projects and collaborations include: Fly-suit (a live demonstration) , NZ on TV Gallery, Auckland (2016); Riff Raff – Are we there yet? with Li-Ming Hu, GLOVEBOX ltd, Auckland (2016); Programme , Casbah, Hamilton (2015); Roof Access / Public Sculpture 101 , Artspace Chartwell Stairwell Commission, Auckland (2014-15); Menlo Park Cowboys with Mark O'Donnell, Window Online, Auckland (2014); Car Sick, The Film Archive, Auckland (2014); Campaign summer residency with Mark O'Donnell, Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch (2013). Past group exhibitions include: Wingman, Alaska Projects, Sydney (2014); Occasionalist: The End (feat. Lap Pool Contract with Mark O'Donnell), Artspace, Auckland, (2012).