Past Exhibition

transactions, frank. Dick Frizzell, Glen Otto, Dylan Scott & Tim Wagg

Wenerei 26 Oketopa -
Hātarei 19 Noema

Wednesday 26 October -
Saturday 19 November


Four embroidered horsemen on white polo shirt

Image: Dylan Scott, untitled (four horsemen of the apocalypse), 2016.

Works by Dick Frizzell, Glenn Otto, Dylan Scott, Tim Wagg

I do not consider myself a male performer. I consider myself The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The fruits of a restricted libidinal economy.

The tension between laziness and being really prolific.

A series of frank transactions between artists, curator and project space facilitators so that an exhibition might take place.

A cartooning of bodies. A cartooning of masculinities? Calligraphic and heroic mark-making. Brands and bootlegs. Zines and Pokemon tumblrs. Personae, alter-egos, surrogates and signatures. Rich image and poor. Textiles, fabric, a whisper…

transactions, frank is a new exhibition of works by four artists usually based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Dick Frizzell
Glen Otto
Dylan Scott
Tim Wagg