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Waves and bodies in waves in bodies. Charlotte Parallel

Hātarei 9 -
Hātarei 30

Saturday 9 -
Saturday 30


Wire plugged into a peg board

Image: Charlotte Parallel, Waves and bodies in waves in bodies, 2016.

“…our bodies and our lives are almost a kind of resonating chamber for media-borne perturbations that strike us and run through us, that strike us and strike beyond us simultaneously.” — Brian Massumi, Politics of Affect  (2015).

Opening anti-panel discussion: Saturday 9 July 2-3pm
Join an open conversation around sound and space with Leyton Glen, Rose James, Forbes Williams and Charlotte Parallel.

Dunedin based artist Charlotte Parallel concludes her 2-month studio residency at Blue Oyster with Waves and bodies in waves in bodies , a research-based exhibition that explores the body’s capacity as a transducer. Visitors entering the space are encouraged to become conscious of invisible waveforms, to feel sound being conducted in and around them as they move about the gallery, experiencing sound as a virtual dimension in the space. This will be made possible using sensors, an arduino and a soundboard. The audience will complete one of the works by recording their own movements and heartbeats in an accumulative sound work.

Posing questions through experiments with waveforms, Charlotte Parallel’s practice often involves sound in some way, searching for the invisible and inaudible components of our everyday environment and exploring the body’s relationship to sound and technology. In 2015, Parallel presented Data Processing system a sonic cartography of Venice which provided an opportunity to develop a mobile sound research kit. The research kit offers a psychogeographic approach to how we embody the phenomena of sound. Earlier this year, Parallel presented Ecologies of Transduction at the Anteroom, the outcome of her MFA at Dunedin School of Art.

For Waves and bodies in waves in bodies , Parallel will use the second space to present the outcome of B.Y.O Battery, a four-part D.I.Y electronics workshop series at the Anteroom in Port Chalmers. The workshops invite 10 participants at a time to share and explore hacking, circuit bending and radio transmission practices. Participants are able to turn their own electronic devices into musical instruments and sound generators as well as learn how to build their own personal radio station.

To join in on the remaining B.Y.O Battery workshop visit for more information.

Charlotte Parallel would like to thank Amy Benians, Ian Rees, Mairead Fountain of AD Instruments, as well as Paul Campbell and generous crew of Makerspace.


Charlotte Parallel

Charlotte Parallel is an Ōtepoti Dunedin-based artist and events facilitator who has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally. In 2010 she co-founded the Anteroom, an artist-run space in Port Chalmers.