Past Exhibition

Trigongle. Karin Hofko & Brydee Rood

Wenerei 22 Oketopa -
Hātarei 15 Noema

Wednesday 22 October -
Saturday 15 November


Human figure wearing a metallic hat with tassels and a metallic a triangle adorned poncho standing upright in front of a flax bush

Brydee Rood and Karin Hofko, Tribongong (video demonstration), 2014

Trigongle tri-gong-glee [tráj-gɔ́ŋ-glí] envelopes concepts around traveller and messenger, locating the triangle as a vehicle for our expression and passage. 

Within a language of process, performance and video, isolation and togetherness are pairing up and coming alive in various corners and dimensions. Trigongle conveys the feeling of what a long journey might have been in the past and how it could play out in the future. 

Trigongle is a continuation of an ongoing collaboration between Karin Hokfo and Brydee Rood; performance is a recurring medium in both of their practices and features in Trigongle as a shaping of collective experience, ritual and knowledge in their quest for earthly wellbeing and survival.

Karin Hofko and Brydee Rood | Trigongle documentation 

Karin Hofko

Based in Auckland, Karin Hofko’s practice explores notions of transhumanism and the collective conscious through the use of mediated performance. Recent exhibitions include iTrash/youTrash/weTrash at The Physics Room in 2013 and  Body Remix at the Audio Foundation in 2012; her work was also featured as part of the New Artists Show at Artspace in 2012. Her video work has been screened (internationally) at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, and in other locations around the globe including Budapest, Berlin, USA and London (and h). Her recent video work Self-titled has been included in the latest Circuit Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand presentation of The Artist’s Cinema, which screened in August of this year.

Brydee Rood

Currently based in Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Germany, Brydee Rood’s sculptural practice is influenced by patterns of consumption and materiality in an ever-changing gloablised environment. Recent exhibitions include Take My Breath Away, featured in the Oceanic Performance Biennale and as a solo installation at 30Upstairs in 2013;  The Golden Shuffle in collaboration with Matthew Crookes was shown at ST PAUL Street Gallery in 2011. Her works have been exhibited in a range of environments across the world from urban canals, national parks, desert villages, city back alleys and even on the side of a working rubbish truck. In 2011, she won the Wallace Fulbright Award and has recently completed a residency in India at the Niv Art Centre, supported by an Asia NZ Foundation Culture Grant.