Past Exhibition

Surface Revisited.

Tūrei 13 Pēpuere -
Hātarei 3 Māehe

Tuesday 13 February -
Saturday 3 March


Surface Revisited

In the Lower Gallery, Surface Revisited presents work of 2006 Francis Hodgkins Fellow Sarah Munro.

Sarah Munro has been in Dunedin as the Frances Hodgkins Fellow during 2006. Surface Revisited is the result of Munro's Doctoral research project completed in 2005 at Elam School of Fine Arts. Surface Revisited uses the genre of portraiture to open questions of the nature of the relationships between, and roles of art, artists, and the machine.

Click here to read a text on the exhibition by Grant Thompson

Presented alongside Belinda Harrow Want or Need and Jenna Todd  Myspace