Past Exhibition

Looking Forwards and Backwards. Ziggy Lever and Lucy Meyle

Wenerei 3 Mei -
Hātarei 3 Hune

Wednesday 3 May -
Saturday 3 June


Ziggy Lever and Lucy Meyle, Looking Forwards and Backwards, 2017. 

Ziggy Lever and Lucy Meyle, Looking Forwards and Backwards, 2017. 

Looking Forwards and Backwards playfully tests collaborative ways of looking and listening in exhibition making and practice.

Working together in friendship depends on practicing the spaces between ideas, ways of seeing, and feeling. A collaborator's motivations and ideas, no matter how well communicated, are always slightly hazy. Instead of being able to look straight on at thoughts [everything right ahead, everything in perspective], thoughts are caught in peripheral visions—glimpses of meaning come to the fore only every now and then. The interplay of ideas and experiences explored in this exhibition are drawn from a series of parallel letters between the artists. These letters generated the thinking and making of the exhibition. In the gallery, 'Looking Forwards and Backwards' opens up this text as a field of potentiality for the viewer where subjectivities are made and remade.

Looking Forwards and Backwards is a continuation of 'Knowing You're Wrong', an ongoing collaboration between Lucy and Ziggy. Previous iterations of the project include 'Drawing from Memory', part of the 'City Loop Project', Newmarket Park, 2017; 'Working Together', exhibition at ST Paul Street Gallery Three, 2015; 'Storage Solutions', part of 'Group Shower', FUZZY VIBES, 2015; 'Knowing You're Wrong (I&II)', exhibition at ST Paul Street Galleries One & Three, 2014.

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Ziggy Lever and Lucy Meyle

Ziggy Lever is a practicing artist and director at RM, Gallery and Projects since 2014. His work is concerned with an expanded field of exhibition making where stories, histories, and myths are unfolded. Often based in relation to a particular site or image, Lever’s work uses video, sound, installation, and collaborative strategies that play out duration as an expanding and contracting experience of temporality. Thinking about the contiguity of time-based documents in the field sets up an inquiry into the nature of spatio-temporality in the practise of meaning-making. He is currently completing a practice-led PhD at AUT. Recent exhibitions include: 'Metre for Measure', solo exhibition at ST Paul St Gallery Three, 2016 and 'Crystallising Universe', solo exhibition at Skinroom Gallery, Hamilton, 2016.

Lucy Meyle's practice consists of sculptures, drawings, and installations. Often working collaboratively, her work also includes publications and texts that are distributed for free either during exhibitions or in other public spaces. She is currently undertaking a practice-led PhD at AUT, in which her research is focussed on the transformative possibilities of humour and care. Lucy's recent projects include: 'Lonely God', ST Paul Street Gallery 3, 2016; 'Serving Suggestions', RM Gallery, 2016; 'Various Sources', free research publication distributed bi-weekly, 2016.