Past Exhibition

Alongside Project. Monique Jansen & Frances Hansen

Tūrei 6 -
Paraire 9

Tuesday 6 -
Friday 9


Person putting lines of coloured tape on a white wall

Image: Monique Jansen and Frances Hansen, Alongside Project, 2012.

In the Lower Gallery Monique Jansen and Frances Hansen present Alongside Project.

Operating as tourist artists, Jansen and Hansen begin the preparation for their dynamic exhibition by scouring local shops in the vicinity of the exhibition site, collecting materials that will then be deconstructed and incorporated into a improvisational drawing process, forming a kind of site-specific urban bricolage.

Jansen and Hansen will be working and able to talk with visitors in the space during opening hours from Wednesday 7 March - Friday 9 March 2012.

Presented alongside Barbara Smith A Diverse Cast and Becky Richards Castles from the Back Lot and the 2012 Blue Oyster Performance Series

Monique Jansen
Frances Hansen