Past Event

Keeping Time

Mane 11 Āperira

Monday 11 April



Keeping Time

A talk between two of the contributing artists to Idle Hands, Dulce Lamarca and Zoe Thompson-Moore, with curator and Blue Oyster director, Hope Wilson.

Idle Hands brings together three projects which use forms of performance to document moments of downtime, waiting, anticipation, rest, and play. Led by Wilson, the artists will discuss the research and practice which informs their work, and how their projects record periods of waiting, rest, patience (or impatience), and anticipation: modes of being which are central to our lives but absolutely counter to dominant productivity discourse.

This event was hosted on zoom. 

Zoe Thompson-Moore

Zoe Thompson-Moore (Pākehā - nō Mannin Isle of Man, nō Aerana, nō Ingarangi, nō Kōtarana) lives in Waiwhetū, Te Awakairangi with her family. Her practice plies the edges of art and the everyday. Zoe works with social fabric, focussing on sites and lived experiences of reproductive labour. Recent projects include To feel with the hand (tickling potatoes) with The Dowse Art Museum and The making of bread, etc. with Enjoy Contemporary Art Space.

Zoe seeks to practice in a way which interrogates isolation, scarcity, and the imperatives of the work ethic. She loves inviting others into her practice as a way to strengthen existing relationships as well as develop new ones. Zoe is interested in getting closer and going slower. Valuing idleness, play, maintenance, interpersonal relationships and internal transformation over unquestioned productivity and external outputs.

Dulce Lamarca

Dulce Lamarca is an Argentinian-born interdisciplinary artist and educator currently living and working in New York. She holds a BFA with orientation in Painting and Arts Education from Regina Espacio de Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and a MFA in Fine Arts from SVA School of Visual Arts (New York, NY).

Lamarca’s work has been exhibited in Five Myles (Brooklyn, NY), Tramo (Panama City, Panama), A.I.R. Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Spring Break Art Show (New York, NY), Satellite Art Show (Miami, FL), Doral Contemporary Art Museum (Doral, Miami, FL), Proyecto Casa Intervenida (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Latin American Theater Experiment & Associates, (New York, NY), Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Luxun Academy of Fine Art and Lankai Gallery (Anshan, China), among others.