Dylan Scott, untitled (four horsemen of the apocalypse), 2016

transactions, frank Curated by Victoria Wynne-Jones

26 October 2016 - 19 November 2016

I do not consider myself a male performer. I consider myself The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The fruits of a restricted libidinal economy.

The tension between laziness and being really prolific.

A series of frank transactions between artists, curator and project space facilitators so that an exhibition might take place.

A cartooning of bodies. A cartooning of masculinities? Calligraphic and heroic mark-making. Brands and bootlegs. Zines and Pokemon tumblrs. Personae, alter-egos, surrogates and signatures. Rich image and poor. Textiles, fabric, a whisper…

transactions, frank is a new exhibition of works by four artists usually based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Click to read Dylan Scott's zine Shadow Facsimilie (2016) also available to read in the exhibition.

Click to open room sheet for transactions, frank.