Samuel Jackson, Big Sacred Technologies , 2017

Big Sacred Technologies Samuel Jackson

5 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

Artist talk | Wednesday 5 July, 12noon

Big Sacred Technologies seeks to consecrate objects and technologies that predict the future (or futures). All the while encompassing the sacredness of the aesthetic, affect and use of contemporary surveillances within technological and cyber networks. 

Big Sacred Technologies reinterprets the ritual practices of divination and its idiosyncratic nature. The relationship between it and with ‘the other’ finds new potential in symbols, recast as hieroglyphs, codes or secrets—an ambiguous understanding of things to come. The future is a contestable field; big data, and more broadly the financial sector and state, now assimilate itself as a labyrinth-like grid of control, short circuiting chance and possibility, leaving nothing but the inevitable merging of capital with what is to come.

An oracle has come, it offers a line to the outside, its message is confusing and opaque. Like the stars, it offers multiple interpretations, a guide more than a deity, a profit more than an angel. 

Samuel Jackson is a Wellington based writer and artist with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Studies from Victoria University (2015). Recent exhibitions include: 'Through various voids in the rocks', Meanwhile (online hypertext), Wellington (2017); 'Malware/s/lonely' (solo), 8 Egmont St, Wellington (2016); 'stay_on', online PFD with Jordana Bragg, Jesse Bowling and Callum Devlin (2015

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