Samin Son ft. Ruby Gray, Reading Cut & Paste Ritual Part 4 (Work & Play), 2014

Work & Play Samin Son

13 March 2014 - 3 April 2014

A Blue Oyster Performance Series curated by Samin Son, in association with the 2014 Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Featuring: Samin Son, Hana Aoake, Ali Bramwell, Charlotte Parallel, Motoko Kikkawa, Adrian Hall, Tim Player, Nick Graham, Danny Brady and Amy Shin. With special guests: Nikolai Sim, Brendan Jon Philip, Matthew George Richard Ward, Richard Scowen and Ruby Gray.

Working in four locations around Dunedin and in association with the 2014 Dunedin Fringe Festival, ‘Work & Play’ brings nine practicing artists from Dunedin and around New Zealand across four central locations: The Fringe Festival Fish Bowl, Dowling Street Project Space, None Gallery and the Blue Oyster. All fifteen performances will re-present and inform symbolic aspects of Samin Son’s practice through notions of collaboration, repetition and transformative processes. This Performance Series was researched and developed during Samin Son's 2014 Blue Oyster Summer Residency.

Samin Son is a Korean born New Zealand artist based in Wellington. Working in sound, sculpture, installation and painting with performative strategies, his work is informed by his experience of compulsory military service in the Korean Army. He draws upon the endurance and meticulously directed aggression demanded by army life, as well as issues with identity and race politics in his second home, New Zealand.

Since returning from 23 months of service and completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Massey University in 2012, Samin Son has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and abroad. Recent solo exhibitions include Samin Son TV at The Film Archive, Wellington (2013), To Do List at Yogiga, Seoul, Korea. Recent group shows include: Art Beats at Te Papa Tongarewa, National Museum of New Zealand (2013), Slowing Down the Light at Leonhardi Kulturprojekte, Frankfurt, Germany (2012) and Ephemeral Traces at Enjoy Public Art Gallery (2012). Residencies include: Development AIR, Auckland (2013) and at the Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, USA (2013) with the White Fungus Collective.

Samin Son was awarded Standout Performer at the 2014 Dunedin Fringe Festival Awards.

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