Kate Fitzharris, Walk, 2011

Walk Kate Fitzharris

15 November 2011 - 23 December 2011

Kate Fitzharris' sculptural installation, Walk documents and memorialises the artist's journey by foot from the Blueskin Bay oyster beds to the Blue Oyster Art Project Space. During this walk Fitzharris constructed many beeswax beads, embedded with materials that she found along the way. This mixture of materials has resulted in 'pearls', which are composites of sand, water, dog hair, roadside weeds, plastic rubbish, materials dropped by fellow walkers, horse manure, peeling paint and residue from road signs. These 'pearls' will be strung around the gallery as a memento of the journey, but a somewhat ghostly reminder. As the viewer enters the gallery they will follow the artist's path back to the Blueskin Bay oyster beds along this string of embalmed traces.

Saturday 10 December 2011: Artist Talk

Presented alongside Nicola Hansby A Collection of Still Lifes, Rose Macleod Memory and Fabric and Sonja van Kerkhoff Caravan from Istanbul, Dunedin. These exhibitions, which all explore the connections between art and memory.