Pastoral Scheme Amy Unkovich

14 September 2016 - 1 October 2016

Pastoral Scheme is an ambitious new solo exhibition by Auckland based aritst Amy Unkovich. Comprised of a series of four unique painterly and sculptural interventions covering both gallery spaces, Pastoral Scheme uses interior elements of the Blue Oyster to explore both painterly and spatial concerns such as composition, form and surface.

Works resting, standing, hanging and leaning transform the gallery spaces into an approximation of a site or workshop, some works appearing as if they had been just set aside or are waiting to be picked up and used. While the exhibition is firmly rooted in sculptural/installation practice, the work questions notions within contemporary architectural practice concerning the mass prefabrication of construction materials and the near constant state of destruction and renewal in the built world.

Based in Auckland, Amy Unkovich holds an MFA from Elam (2013) and has been exhibiting regularly since 2012. Working primarily with materials and aesthetics associated with construction (concrete, plasterboard, house paint, marble chips, etc), Unkovich creates sculptural objects for interior spaces. Her works are full of colour, tactility and pattern, aiming to upend conservative or neutral aspects of architecture.

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