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3 November 2015 - 28 November 2015

An exploration of some live art themes.

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Robert Carter, Brendan Jon Philip, Stella Corkery, Ondřej Vicena.
The call to “design your own flag” aligns with a proud DIY culture, modern democracy and a wry antipodean humour. What does the referendum mean to Aotearoa’s largely apolitical and globalised youth? 

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Grey Goo Tully Arnot

2 September 2015 - 26 September 2015

The Blue Oyster welcomes spring to Dunedin with a solo exhibition by Sydney based artist Tully Arnot. Supported by the 2015 Blue Oyster Supporters Network, Grey Goo is Arnot’s first major exhibition in New Zealand.

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Accompanying Public Programme: Adrian Hall, Kim Pieters, Nick Knox, Stuart Griffiths

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vital bodies Curated by Georgina Watson

8 July 2015 - 1 August 2015

Georgette Brown, Wendelien Bakker, Anna Rankin, Sam Norton, Virginia Overell and Holly Childs.

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Excess Baggage Curated by Claudia Arozqueta

10 June 2015 - 4 July 2015

Gina Arizpe, Elena Astashova, Irina Birger, Claire Harris, Elena Kovylina. 
Excess Baggage explores and tests notions of displacement, challenge and endurance that are often the vector that shapes and forges the life of any given woman around the world.

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swfer Luke Munn

9 May 2015 - 6 June 2015

A Google Image search for the term ‘digital’ yields a cascade of luminous grids and network nodes, all in blue—a colour rarely found in living organisms because of the energy required to produce it.

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iD2K16 Curated by Hana Aoake

8 April 2015 - 25 April 2015

Josephine Mead, Clara Chon, Rose Thomas, Motoko Kikkawa, Severine Costa, Alessandra Banal

iD2K16 introduces your fashion forecast, take charge of your life and curate the lifestyle you deserve!!!

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24 March 2015 - 28 March 2015

A continuation of Francis van Hout’s preoccupation with spaces in between, INTERFERENCE TOO is a time-based meditation on the void-like spaces that are habitually created in every exhibition.

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Suspicious Minds Zoe Crook and Aodhan Madden

9 March 2015 - 21 March 2015

Blue Oyster Performance Series  
In association with the Dunedin Fringe Festival

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