A collaborative exhibition titled The Adventures of DJ Clock by Steve Carr and Jim Speers, followed by a DJ night at Arc Cafe.

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Display Seraphine Pick

7 November 2000 - 18 November 2000

A solo painting exhibition titled Display by Seraphine Pick.

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Atomic David Haines

24 October 2000 - 4 November 2000

A solo exhibition by the Sydney based artist David Haines titled Atomic.

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The sprawling group exhibition curated by Caroline McCaw, titled *Picnic* took place in various cities across New Zealand, as well as online.

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White Boards: new work by Bing Dawe Bing Dawe

26 September 2000 - 7 October 2000

A solo exhibition titled White Boards showing new work by artist Bing Dawe.

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Shimidsu Sakura Caroline McCaw, Kim Pieters

12 September 2000 - 23 September 2000

A collaborative exhibition by Caroline McCaw and Kim Pieters titled Shimidsu Sakura.

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Fedex Stella Brennan

20 August 2000 - 9 September 2000

Stella Brennan presents an installation of large light, plastic and perspex sculptures in her solo show titled Fedex.

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Rex Industries Douglas Rex Kelaher

16 August 2000 - 26 August 2000

A solo exhibition titled Rex Industries by Douglas Rex Kelaher in the East Side space.

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Swarm Ali Bramwell, Cathy Helps

2 August 2000 - 12 August 2000

A collaborative exhibition titled Swarm by Ali Bramwell and Cath Helps.

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Touch me not Teresa Andrews

18 July 2000 - 29 July 2000

Touch me not an installation and performance by Teresa Andrews.

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