International artist Jan van der Ploeg presents a one-night only event GRIP

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Platform Owen Kahl

1 May 2001 - 12 May 2001

Recent Dunedin School of Art graduate Owen Kahl's Platform populates the gallery with rows of networked computers inspired by jewllery aesthetics. Like a string of beads, the computers act together within one stream of consciousness.

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Autoskinning: passive abduction no.1 KIT

18 April 2001 - 28 April 2001

A new configuration of the found, speeding towards an illogical implosion.

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Travel Stories VI Ina Johann

14 April 2001 - 3 April 2001

This exhibition by German artist Ina Johann responds to the Oblique site specific art project which took place in the small rural South Island community of Otira.

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Pedestrian Fiona Amundsen

20 March 2001 - 31 March 2001

Fiona Amundsen in her photographic exhibition Pedestrian plays with understandings of reality and representation, questioning notions of the photographic image as being purely 'objective.'



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Dan Arps, Hannah Beehre, Emma Bugden, Edward Clemens, Paul Johns, Douglas Rex Kelaher, Sean Kerr, Isaac Leuchs, Layla Rudneva McKay, Daniel Malone, Michael Morley, Jonathon Nicol, Warren Olds, Julaine Stepehson, Peter Robinson and Ben Webb.

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A night of performance At the Blue Oyster Gallery

20 February 2001 - 3 March 2001

Teresa Andrew, Ali Bramwell, Steve Carr, Anthony Deaker, Karen Fensom, Farina Lim, Sleep.

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The Impossibility of Comfortable Living Phil Murray

6 February 2001 - 17 February 2001

Dunedin School of Art graduate Phil Murray presents his first solo exhibition, using found objects to create an immersive, light filled sculptural installation.

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Summer Lovin Curated by Steve Carr and Bryony Allan

23 January 2001 - 3 February 2001

Anon, Su Ballard, Ciaran Begley and Rachel, Jon Bywater, Duncan Bruce, Lee Devenish, Cathy Helps, Paul Johns, David Hatcher, Sandra Kellian, Caroline McCaw, Sophie Mellor, Georgiana Morison, Shaun Oughton, Seraphine Pick, Tania Robinson, Nick Spratt, Nathan Thompson, Angela Singer and Lauren Winstone.

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Eidia (Paul Lamarre and Melissa Wolf), John Nixon, Marie Shannon, Jan van der Ploeg.

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